Angela Satir

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Name: Angela Satir

Clan: Mekhet (Status 1)

Location: Ruston, La (City Status 4)

Faction: Pending

Other Affiliations: the NightMarket


Angela is the first to admit she's young. In fact it was only a couple of months ago she celebrated her 51st birthday. Yes, birthday as in being born as in mortal. She's that young.

Knowledge outside the Covenant

Actually, very little is known about Angela inside or outside of the covenant; she has remained fairly tightlipped about her doings or origins. A couple of decades ago she was under the tutelge of Aimnestos, but about a decade ago she seemed to drop off the face of the map. She turned up again in April of '05 a devoted member of the Circle and has moved up the ranks. All she ever says about her vanishing is that she was in Egypt, working on her tan. Late last year she took on the title of Hierophant and primogen (unusual given her youth) and recently has started calling herself a seer.

Knowledge inside the Covenant

What the covenant knows of her is only slightly more that general Kindred society. She is the guardian of 3 vials of Belials Blood. When asked how she came by them she answers she inherited them (which as it happens is true). Recently under the direction of a fortelling performed in Phoenix, Az last year she prepared a mixture of lacrima and recieved a vision from Nephthys naming Angela one of the Goddess's Seers.

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